Mocca Natural Spearmint Slim Strong

White Mini Portion
Mocca Natural Spearmint Slim Strong

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Manufacturer: Fiedler & Lundgren

Model: White Mini Portion

Weight / Snus: 35.00 g / 16.80 g

Strength: Normal

Unfortunately Mocca Natural Spearmint Slim White has been discontinued.

In short, Mocca Natural Spearmint Slim White has a gentle taste of spearmint with hints of menthol and a delicious tobacco character in the background. Mint is not a new phenomenon, we have tasted it in various forms and pouch types and know pretty much what it will be like regardless of brand. The interesting thing here is the very down-to-earth mint flavour (hence the name – natural spearmint) as it is surprisingly natural tasting and doesn't have that excessive sweetness some mint products tend to have. Instead it gives a nice cooling sensation under the lip and a fresh, clean feeling all day!

The portion bags are slim and white which causes the flavour and nicotine to be released evenly and over a longer period. Slim bags are always a good option if you are looking for a discreet alternative that neither drips too much or makes your top lip look swollen.

Fiedler & Lundgren have one particularly clever design on some of their products, the Mocca Natural Spearmint is one of these blessed products. The design entails a highly practical flexlid called the Lundgren's FlexLid which expands with every used portion bag you place in it. The days of emptying the catchlid are over!

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