Nordic Storm Slim White Original

Slim White
Nordic Storm Slim White Original

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Manufacturer: Nordic Snus AB

Model: Slim White

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 19.20 g

Strength: Normal

The Nordic Storm Slim White Original is unfortunately temporarily out of stock.

This is a traiditional snus with a prominent bergamot character together with an earhy tobacco taste that is slightly spicy due to the peppery note. The flavour is balanced with a touch of salt which accentuates the flavours furhter (as it does in food). The Nordic Storm Slim White Original is a snus for those who want the real Swedish snus experience!

The dryness of white bags helps to prevent excess dripping. The dripping is essentially what causes the discolouration of your teeth and is clearly something you might want to avoid. The pouch format makes them easy to place under the lip and the small size causes them to be nearly undetectable both by you and people around you. The flavour release is pleasantly even and long lasting, as is the nicotine release.

Formed in 1999 as small business JTI which is the manufacturer behind Nordic Stom has grown exponentially and now has businesses all over the world. JTI focuses mainly on cigarettes but branched out into the snus industry as they saw the growing demand to replace cigarettes.

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