Offroad Classic Portion

Original Portion
Offroad Classic Portion
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Manufacturer: V2 Tobacco

Model: Original Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 18.00 g

Strength: 8 mg/g

If Phantom Classic Portion was your favorite snus you’ll be happy to know that it is finally back with a new name - Offroad Classic Portion. Flavors include traditional favorites such as spicy pepper and tart notes of bergamot; the two combinations that make up the base for any traditional snus. The tobacco character is present but not overbearing, it is simply gentle and very pleasant.

Each portion is moist and full in size – providing you with the ultimate traditional experience. The moisture level in each portion makes them powerful both in terms of flavor release but also when it comes to the nicotine release. The nicotine content lands around 8 mg/g which makes this a regular level snus!

Offroad is manufactured by the world renowned V2 Tobacco that are situated in Denmark. Other brands on offer include Thunder (which has even been seen in the hands of famous English Footballers!) and Chain Saw. The two most popular brands each offer unique qualities that speak to different snusers; with Thunder you can expect lots of power, whereas Offroad delivers enormous diversity in terms of flavor. Both are high quality products that have been produced using many years’ of expertise!

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