Rite Cold Dry Slim

Slim White Portion
Rite Cold Dry Slim

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Manufacturer: The Ministry of Snus

Model: Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 13.20 g

Strength: 28 mg/g

RITE Cold Dry Slim offers some truly intense flavours thanks to the delightful combination of peppermint and mint. This is complemented by the dryness of the snus, which gives this pouch a little extra zing under the lip, as well as being rather more long-lasting than some other snus of this type. And better yet, the slim pouches make it fit snuggly under the lip.

These white snus portions hold an excellent nicotine kick. In fact, even though these are the slim pouches, there's 28 mg/g of nicotine in each can. This means that you can hold this pouch under your lip for an hour at least before swapping it out.

The RITE brand is manufactured by Ministry of Snus. This upcoming company is all about providing the ultimate in quality, about which they will not compromise. With RITE, their aim is to produce a snus that provides a top level strength - they rate four out of five - while still ensuring good flavours and a high nicotine content, giving you some much-needed choice in your nicotine products.

Declaration of content
Tobacco, Water, Humectants (E-1520), Acidity Regulators (E-500), Flavor Amplifiers (Saline), Aromas

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