Rite Cool Mint Slim

White Portion
Rite Cool Mint Slim
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Manufacturer: The Ministry of Snus

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 13.20 g

Strength: 28 mg/g

For something a little extra or stimulating, you should look no further than RITE Cool Mint Slim. This tiny little portion is packed full of flavour, so don't let the size fool you. The mint flavour in this pouch is icy cool, blasting your taste buds from the get-go. This is a true wake up call, helping to stimulate and energize you throughout the day.

It's not only the flavour that's top-notch, but the amount of nicotine - there's an impressive 28 mg/g packed in. The fact that these are slim pouches also helps to make them discrete and comfortable when keeping them in the mouth. It's also white, so you can enjoy a relatively drip-free experience alongside that intense nicotine kick, making it a pleasure to use this all day long.

RITE is produced by the Danish company Ministry of Snus. This company has only come on to the scene recently and is all about providing a strong, high quality product. It also promotes the idea of choice and strength in your daily life choices, and tries to reflect this attitude in the way they have created the RITE brand - simple, elegant, but with a strong kick.

Declaration of content
Tobacco, Water, Humectants (E-1520), Acidity Regulators (E-500), Flavor Amplifiers (Saline), Flavors, Sweeteners (E960)

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September 28, 2020
Unique taste and strong
I was apprehensive trying yet another brand of snus, but glad I took a gamble on this one! It has a cool mint taste with the slightest sweetness. It's not super sugary and the tobacco taste amazing. This is well worth a spot in your rotation if you are a mint fan.