Rite Mint White Slim

White Portion
Rite Mint White Slim

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Manufacturer: The Ministry of Snus

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 13.20 g

Strength: 28 mg/g

Rite Mint White Slim has unfortunately been discontinued.

RITE Mint Slim gives you an exciting burst of minty freshness from the moment you pop it in your mouth. The flavour uses a combination of both mint and spearmint to create that exciting and refreshing taste. The spearmint even adds a welcome hint of sweetness to balance the whole flavour. This is particularly great because the flavour lasts a long time and doesn't fade dramatically.

The slim pouches are excellent for discreet usage, hiding under the lip perfectly. Better still, the fact that they are white means that the flavour sticks around longer and there's reduced drip when keeping it in the mouth for a long time. You also get plenty of zing packed in this small package, for though the pouches are small, each contains an impressive 28 mg/g of nicotine.

RITE is produced by Ministry of Snus, a Danish company that strives to create the optimum product. All of their products have been reimagined across all aspects, bringing us this exciting, yet surprisingly simple brand. All of the effort goes into the product, strength and flavour. With a motto that "Life is too short for bad flavour", you can see where the priorities of Ministry of Snus lie.

Declaration of content
Tobacco, Water, Humectants (E-1520), Acidity Regulators (E-500), Flavor Amplifiers (Saline), Flavors, Sweeteners (E960)

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