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Shiro Cuba Libre

Slim Nicotine Pouches
Shiro Cuba Libre
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Manufacturer: AG Snus

Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 12.00 g

Strength: 6 mg/pouch

Shiro Cuba Libre, the flavor combination is inspired by the cocktail Cuba Libre, also known as Rum and Coke. A legendary drink with a unique flavor combination originated in Cuba, it is their national drink celebrating its independence around 1900, Libre Cuba means “free Cuba”. These pouches have a rich taste of cola with a lovely sweetness, mixed with tart freshness of lime.

The nicotine content is 6mg/portion so it has a regular strength, the portions are slim all white, they fit snuggly under the lip and leave no discoloration on your teeth. Luckily there is also less drip so the flavor release is long-lasting, which is absolutely great!

The manufacturer AG snus is a snus producer in Denmark, they have a factory called Assens Tobaksfabrik in a small town called Assens on the West Coast of the Island of Funen. They also produce other popular brands such as Kapten, Sisu and Usample, with a wide range in flavors, strength and formats, they can offer a little something to every snuser.

Declaration of content
Fillers (E460), water, humectants (E422), flavor enhancers (saline), nicotine, aromas, acidity regulators (E500), preservatives (E202),

Special offer - Order 10 cans and get 2 extra for free!
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