Sisu Original The Emperor

Extra Strong White
Sisu Original The Emperor
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Manufacturer: AG Snus

Model: Extra Strong White

Weight / Snus: 27.00 g / 14.00 g

Strength: Extra Strong

Are you looking for a snus that’s full of surprise and above all, delicious flavor? Then the Sisu Emperor White Stark may certainly be for your palate! Get ready to be greeted by fresh notes of citrus along with dark strings of smokey whiskey and of course, a well-balanced tobacco character.

The portion bags are white and slightly dry thus providing you with a luxurious and long-lasting flavor release. The flavor has been constructed, blended, selected and tasted by Lars Olesen: the master blender of many unique snus products. Each snus can contains a powerful 20 mg/g of nicotine that will kick the boots right off your feet. The original size of each pouch delivers a comfortable and full sensation under your top lip which is just what many snusers look for in a delicious tobacco experience.

Lars Olesen has worked exclusively with oral smokeless tobacco since 2002, and has therefore unique experience and expertise that he has applied in the up-start of 2 factories and the production of many successful products. AG Snus certainly wished for high quality when launching their Sisu Emperor back in 2019.

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Cody Palmer
November 30, 2020
Surprised there aren't any reviews of this yet. I didn't really know what to expect when I bought, took the chance, and let me tell you... THIS SNUS IS GOOOD. Will always be part of my orders from now on. The flavors are subtle, and well balanced. I think of "fancy" when I have this in. Must get!