Skruf Mint Leaf Slim

Slim White Portion
Skruf Mint Leaf Slim

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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 35.00 g / 16.80 g

Strength: Strong

This product has unfortunately been discontinued! For a delicious replacement please visit Skruf Mynta Slim White which has a similar flavour base.

Skruf Mint Leaf Slim White is a fantastically refreshing treat, much thanks to the use of real mint leaves in each can. The mint leaves have been dried and finely grounded which truly accentuates flavor and gives a very unique, fresh experience.

Skruf Mint Leaf has white pouches that are dry and give a slower, yet a more even release of flavor that lasts longer. The mint flavor is pleasantly balanced with Skruf’s traditional tobacco flavor in long, narrow pouches for a comfortable fitting under the lip. Thanks to the qualities above, this product is seen as much more discreet than the original snus products. The slim white pouches are a relatively new phenomenon on today's market and are becoming increasingly popular among snusers. To the snus novice, this format may be a good first-timer as it is easier to place under the lip and especially since it produces less dripping than original portion snus.

However you may prefer your snus to feel, look or taste, you can rest assured it is of the highest quality at SnusDirect.

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, mint leaves, moisture preservatives (E 1520), flavor enhancers (salt), acidity regulator (E 500), aromas.;

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