Skruf Nyans Månstoft

White Portion
Skruf Nyans Månstoft
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 17.60 g

Strength: 8 mg/g

Do you love candy as much as you love tobacco? Then this product might be just right for you! The Skruf Nyans Månstoft has a unique taste of salty caramel that blends beautifully together a strong tobacco taste and a handsome 8 mg/g of nicotine. The flavour is reminiscent of a delicious caramel candy and will without a doubt replace your typical bowl of sugary sweets! A must try for the candy-fan!

You will also be glad to know that the typical and very annoying runniness of an original pouch won’t be the case here, for these pouches are white and dry! This also means a long-lasting flavour and nicotine release. Rather thankfully so, since the flavour is so yummy! The bags are of original size and therefore feel full under your upper lip but in a comfortable sort of way.

When Skruf released their Skruf Nyans serie everyone assumed it would be their new premium brand as it displayed such unique flavours and high-quality tobacco, but the price-tag said differently. Skruf’s own explanation is that this is a premium snus brand at the price of a budget snus! A snus that everyone can afford and love.

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Shannon Duran
August 29, 2020
Tastes amazing
I'm switching Ettan regular portions for this. This stuff really tastes great. Mad at myself for not buying several rolls on my last order.
James Ingram
May 28, 2020
Great Snus, Great Price!
This stuff is delicious. Took a chance and bought a roll based on the flavor description, and I have not been disappointed. Tastes great with a cup of coffee!