Skruf Nyans Norrsken

White Portion
Skruf Nyans Norrsken
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 17.60 g

Strength: 8 mg/g

The relatively new line-up of products called nyans (en. Nuance) all have very interesting combinations of flavours together with an affordable price and organic tobacco. Within beautifully designed cans lie 22 original-sized white portions of Skruf Nyans Norrsken where unique notes of dark violet has been professionally blended with strings of liquorice. You will be greeted by a very present tobacco taste that will be familiar to any regular Skruf snuser.

The portion bags are full-sized and lie comfortably under your upper lip. The white outer material prevents excess dripping without ruining your delicious flavour and nicotine experience. The nicotine content of 8 mg/g works equally great as a kick-starter in the morning as it does for your morning jog or late-night social event. The silky soft material that outlines each pouch can lie snuggly over long periods without causing any discomfort.

With the Nyans serie you will be pleasantly surprised, regardless of which product you decide to place under your lip. As always, Skruf deliver on many important factors such as high quality and comfort, but in this case, they also deliver on affordability. Bravo Skruf!

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Jesse S
August 19, 2020
Good flavored snus
Just as the other reviewer, Edward, said, my go to snus is General Mint. I bought a variety of snus tins to try out different flavors as I've only been Snus'n for less than a year. This snus definitely has the licorice profile, and somehow the "dark violet" is a good explanation of the taste. It isn't my favorite flavor but definitely a tin I'll throw in just to change it up once in a while. Not much of a candy flavor fan but I can see this one easily being well received with people who like licorice. As far as the portion, I would put it between a white and original. Tin says white, but it definitely has some drip the first few minutes. Once that initial punch of drip comes, it mellows out to a much more pleasant portion.
August 13, 2020
Muddled flavor, but good
First off, the pouch size of this snus is perfect. I know the new trend is for slim or ultra slim pouches, but I ain't about that life. Now on to flavor, it has a very slight hint of lavender and licorice with the licorice developing more later, however, the main flavor of this is a delightful spicy tobacco that is perfectly balanced. I think I just found something that will stay in the rotation.
Edward Rinne
July 11, 2020
Different and Decent
Usually I use General Mint and General Wintergreen Snus, but decided to buy and try some cans of this. I was not sure what violet would taste like, but I would describe the taste as violet with hints of black licorice. The longer the Snus is in your mouth, the stronger the black licorice taste becomes. Different tasting Snus for sure, but I would choose my go to General mint or General wintergreen over this. Something different, but not bad.