LAB 12 Mint Strong Slim White

Strong Slim White Dry Portion
LAB 12 Mint Strong Slim White

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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Strong Slim White Dry Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 21.60 g

Strength: Strong

The LAB 12 Mint Strong Slim White has been discontinued and replaced with LAB 12 Slim White Dry Xylitol.

Distinct taste of peppermint along with hints of vanilla, leather and oak where the snus comes in long portion format.

12 The Lab Series Fresh Mint Strong Portion has a medium-bodied and rich tobacco taste where the long sachets makes the snus embeds discretely behind the lip and the white portions makes the snus less runny and also holds flavor longer.

Water 50,5%
Nicotine 1,4%
PH-level 8,7

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, taste enhancer (salt), humectant (propylene glycol), pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), natural and artificial flavors including artificial smoke flavor, artificial sweetener (acesulfame K).

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