Thunder Original

Extra Strong Portion
Thunder Original

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Manufacturer: V2 Tobacco

Model: Extra Strong Portion

Weight / Snus: 29.00 g / 19.80 g

Strength: Extra Strong

Thunder Extra Strong Original Portion has unfortunately been discontinued.

As authentic as it gets! The Thunder Extra Strong Original Portion has a tobacco centric flavour profile which is getting increasingly rare but nevertheless absolutely delightful to see. The flavour has a clear, delicious tobacco character that is slightly smokey and with a robust and well rounded taste. As the perfect complement to this rich taste you will notice a fresh hint of citrus. A very popular product thanks to its strength, taste and affordability.

The nicotine contents weigh in around 16.8 mg/g, which makes this an extra strong product. The portions are of original size, soft to the touch and highly comfortable under your top lip. Being an original portion you can expect the flavour and nicotine release to be instantaneous. The can design is very cool and does reflect the product’s name, Thunder, with its lightning bolt on the sides and at the top. This bolt can be seen on all Thunder’s products!

The innovative thinking behind all of Thunder’s products derives from V2 Tobacco in Silkesborg. Their mission is to create high quality products at a low price – a mission they succeed with every day.

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