Thunder Ultra Frosted

Original Portion
Thunder Ultra Frosted
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Manufacturer: V2 Tobacco

Model: Original Portion

Weight / Snus: 29.00 g / 19.80 g

Strength: Normal

Thunder ULT Frosted Portion is a version of Thunder Frosted which offers a powerful aroma of spearmint. It promises a long-lasting flavour - and a stable amount of nicotine.

Thunder Ultra Frosted has a taste of strong and rich elements of spearmint that lasts for a long time. The nicotine content is a steady 22 mg/g, which is in line with Thunder's other assortment. Thus, a very strong snus that is especially suitable for the experienced user who needs a strong snus to get the desired effect - and also appreciates it when the taste lasts for a long time.

The box for Thunder Ultra Frosted is round, and in the colours of red and black. The added decoration of lightning bolts indicates that the box contains something extraordinary. Thunder Ultra Frosted Portion contains 19,8 grams of snus that comes pre-packed in 22 pouches. The amount of snus and the long-lasting taste will make this snus last for a long time.

This snus is so strong that it is not recommended to anyone who is trying snus for the first time. The high level of nicotine is most suited to the experienced user - and even they will get a proper buzz from this snus. Thunder ULT Frosted offers an experience beyond normal.

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