Thunder X

Thunder X Portion
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Manufacturer: V2 Tobacco

Model: Portion

Weight / Snus: 29.00 g / 19.80 g

Strength: Normal

Thunder X Portion is an original snus that offers the user an extraordinary experience. It is the strongest snus in the powerful Thunder series and has a strong taste of mint and menthol.

Thunder X is a snus that tastes of a wonderful and strong blend of mint and menthol that brings your thoughts to Mother Nature's powerful presence. This is among the strongest snus that exists, with a nicotine content of 45 mg/g, which is about five times stronger than normal snus. If you are not used to nicotine, you should be careful when trying this snus because it will give you a real nicotine kick. Thunder X is for the experienced user who enjoys a little extra tickle and appreciates it when the taste lasts for a long time.

The Thunder X box has the normal round shape, the design is black and white with the characteristic lightning bolts telling you that this is really strong snus. When it comes to the amount of snus in the box, Thunder X Portion is a heavyweight with 19,8 grams of snus that will get your senses going.

This is the most extreme version in the Thunder series due to its extremely high nicotine content, and is therefore mainly recommended for experienced users with high nicotine tolerance. Those who don’t get a real nicotine kick from Thunder X have become immune to nicotine – which is an unusual phenomenon.

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