WOW! Salty Stuff

White Portion
WOW! Salty Stuff

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Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 15.00 g

Strength: Normal

WOW! Salty Stuff

Salty stuff for those who love salty liquorice

The name of the box instantly reveals the taste of the content - WOW! Salty Stuff is definitely for those who love liquorice. With a blend of sweet and salty liquorice, the flavours blend well, and last for up to 45 minutes according to tests. This flavour suits anyone who likes to try something new when it comes to snus, but also wants to avoid too much sweetness.

Content and design - The highest content of salt on the market

WOW! Salty Stuff comes in unisex packages, with small white portions that contain 50% moisture, making them less runny, and that give a well-known feeling under the lip. The nicotine experience is described as medium strong with 8.5 mg/g snus. Salty Stuff is one of the portions on the market with the highest content of salt, 2.5%, which is highly enjoyable combined with the salmiakki flavour. The portions come in a stylish black box.

Puts Northern Europe's well-calibrated taste buds on the map

Did you know that the typical liqourice flavour is relatively unique for the Northern Europe? There are many snus enthusiast worlwide that have never tried anything like liqourice before. It will be interesting to see what their first impression of WOW! Salty Stuff is, so keep an eye on snus rewievers from around the world. Either they will praise or raze - but we are predicting a praise. This box contains a flavour that is referred to as "retro" by the manufacturer Gajane.

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