Oden's 69 Extreme

White Dry Portion
Odens 69 Extreme White Dry

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Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Model: White Dry Portion

Weight / Snus: 27.00 g / 10.00 g

Strength: Normal

Oden's 69 Extreme is unfortunately temporarily out of stock.

Another great product from GN Tobacco is here and is accompanied by a classic tobacco taste with hints of citrus and with a slightly spicy undertone. The Oden's N69 Extreme White Dry Portion is of rather gentle nature but still provides that refreshing feeling thanks to the citrus as well as a taste of delicious tobacco. You ought to give this a try if you like the traditional Swedish snus types!

Seeing as this product is called Extreme White Dry, it is no surprise that the portion bags are very dry. Dry bags are perfect if you want an extra discreet look, or if you perhaps wish to maintain a long lasting flavour and nicotine release. The other type of bags, original bags, are very moist which does indeed result in a quick release of nicotine but it is also short lived and produces more dripping to stain your teeth.

GN Tobacco manufacture both snus products and chewing tobacco. Their brands include: Oden’s, Olde Ving, Lenny and Islay Whiskey which are all made from high quality tobacco.

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Igor Bokov
March 5, 2019
I ordered this 'cause I tried almost all the Oden's products. I thought this would be similar to Cold Extreme WD. However I was wrong. This stuff, for some reason, doesn't feel as strong as CD, doesn't have that burn effect under the lip and I don't even know what to say about flavor (you maybe should try it yourself). Bought 10 cans of it months ago and only finished it recently. One of the worst of Oden's products.