Skruf Slim Nordic White Portion

Slim White Portion
Skruf Slim Nordic White Portion
  • Skruf Slim Nordic White Portion
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 36.00 g / 16.60 g

Strength: Normal


Classic Skruf snus with a clear taste of licorice that gives the snus a unique taste and aroma.

Skruf Slim Nordic White is a portion snus with slim white sachets which are considered to be more discrete, less runny and tends to hold flavor even loger.

In the Skruf family, which are considered to be stronger snus in general, Skruf Nordic Slim is considered to be a medium strong snus. The snus is beeing manufactured by Skruf Snus AB in the south parts of Sweden.

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, moisture preservatives (E1520), flavor enhancers (salt), accidity regulator (E500), aromas

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February 29, 2020
Good flavor, needs more nic
I bought a can of these to try. I got the 2/4 strength. I like licorice and this delivers a lot of flavor. Mild tobacco flavor with moderate to strong licorice flavor. I hate sweet snu's and this is not very sweet. I will pick up more of these if I can find them in a 3/4 strength.