Skruf Super White Slim Red Rhuby #3

Nicotine Pouches
Skruf Super White Slim Red Rhuby #3
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 17.30 g

Strength: Stark

A true summer flavour! The Skruf Super White Red Rhuby has a fresh taste of sweet and sour rhubarb in the #3 strength, a prefect selection when longing for our favourite spring and summer seasons with warmer weather and lots of sun. A taste that sparks memories of a lovely rhubarb pie filled with sweetness and fresh fruits. This snus is 100% tobacco free and is made of soft plant fibers.

The pouches come in a slim all white format, so they fit perfectly under your lip and leave no discolouration what so ever. Another plus is that the Skruf Super White Series has no artificial sweeteners or bleach. The Red Rhuby flavour comes in a #3 and #4 strength with quite a nicotine quick that goes well with the lovely flavour. The #3 Re Rhuby has a nicotine content of 12 mg/g.

It started off with all white portions and before we knew it, nicotine pouches took the market with storm 2018. Several well-known brands launched their own unique flavours and combinations. Amongst the first nicotine pouches there were brands such as ZYN, On! and LYFT. All with unique flavours and different strength. It’s exciting to see what other snus innovation will come in the future!

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