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Thunder Lit Frosted

White Dry Portion
Thunder Lit Frosted
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Manufacturer: V2 Tobacco

Model: White Dry Portion

Weight / Snus: 29.00 g / 11.70 g

Strength: Strong

Thunder Lit Frosted, previously known asThunder Ultra Frosted White Dry is a White Dry portion snus from the Thunder series. It’s very strong as well as dry, and therefore suitable for the users that prefer a snus that is not to runny when it is being used and who also want a brilliant white smile.

This snus has a very distinct mint flavour. It’s also a dry kind of snus with a very low level of moisture. Therefore, it will not drip much but it still offers a very high nicotine level of 22mg/g. It’s not always easy to find a White snus that has the strength you want - this version though, is one of the strongest alternatives on the market. The perfect choice for the experienced snus user.

This round box has a colour scheme in red, black and white, as well as the characteristic white lightning bolts in the background. The contents weigh 11,7 grams and the box has a double lid providing the user with a place to put discarded snus pouches. The double lid means that you can avoid the search for waste baskets or having to get up during an important meeting when you need to discard your used pouch.

This snus is one of 10 White Dry versions in the Thunder series. Thunder’s dry versions are some of the strongest White Dry snus on the market. Thunder Ultra Frosted White Dry is a perfect choice for the experienced user who prefers the White snus but still wants the strength and flavour of regular snus.

Special offer - Order 10 cans and get 2 extra for free!
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